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Tivo Roamio OTA Review – Best DVR For Small Households

If you found this article, you are likely wondering if the TiVo Roamio OTA is the right product for you and your family. The TiVo brand is very well known for providing DVR functions for television. With the TiVo Roamio OTA boxes, you gain all the DVR features that you have come to expect and… Read More »

Tablo DVR Review – Best Over the Air DVR for 2017

Are you looking for a DVR (or PVR) for the TV signal you are getting from your antenna? The Tablo Digital Video Recorder for Over-The-Air HDTV with Wi-Fi is an excellent choice. With the Tablo DVR, you can tune up to 4 channels (depending on the model you select). The Tablo lets you pause live… Read More »

How to Watch Local Channels on Roku

The Roku set top box, and streaming stick have become very popular in recent times.  It provides an inexpensive way to watch popular internet based streaming content, like YouTube, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Crackle, etc., on your television, instead of your computer. Many people wonder if there is a way to stream local channels on Roku;… Read More »